Ghostly Japan -Lafcadio Hearn's Kwaidan stories-

Ghostly Japan -Lafcadio Hearn's Kwaidan stories-


The work of Yakumo Koizumi, a great writer who introduced many famous ghost stories, including “Mimi nashi houichi”, is revived as a comic by Kodansha Manga Award-winning artist, Mieko Osaka. Take a look at the Japanese horror created by a novelist x cartoonist over 100 years!


“Ghostly Japan -Lafcadio Hearn's Kwaidan stories-”を最新話まで無料配信中!


Mieko Ousaka

Born in Osaka Prefecture. Debuted in 1982 with “Oishii no ga ii!” that was posted in “Bu-ke” (Shueisha). In 1991 "Eien no nohara" won the 15th Kodansha Manga Award for Girls. Since then, she has published numerous works including titles such as “Belle Epoque” and “Hikesiya-komachi” that become media. Currently serializing “21st Century Botchan ’s” and “Ghostly Japan-Lafcadio Hearn’s Kwaidan stories-” in Jihen.


  • 英語の作品が読めるのすごく嬉しい!